Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Well, that wasn't what I was expecting... but I still enjoyed it... or maybe I enjoyed it more because it wasn't the overly romanticized urban fantasy I was expecting? Either way KMM is a really good writer and I'm already eager to start the next book in this series!
The characters are interesting to say the least, and their development is gradual and believable inasmuch as this is a fantasy. Mac starts off as someone very shallow and pretty, but she's got a surprisingly strong core and I actually find myself liking her a lot.
Jerricho Barrons I'm still not sure what to make of. At first I thought he was the obvious love-interest, and although I still think he is, I'm just really not sure at this point, because there was next to no romance in this book at all... which is kind of refreshing and also keeps you interested because you know it's coming but you're also not really quite sure, so now you're curious... it's the novel version of playing hard-to-get!
I love the world building as well. I've never been to Dublin but I would love to visit one day, and although I know none of this is real, how cool would it be if there really was a shady forgotten district? The monsters are well developed and spine chilling, the lore is believable and easy-ish to follow and understand... and I can tell that this is just going to get bigger and bigger... I'm actually kind of excited to see what happens next!