The Substitute

The Substitute - Denise Grover Swank Ok, so I used to pretty much exclusively read romance, but I've broadened my scope a lot this past couple of years. I'm not sure what happened, but let's just say this kind of thing doesn't float my boat anymore.
Having said that, I tried to take off some of the filters that I've acquired and just enjoy the story, and it was pretty good. Hella unrealistic and drenched with instalove and ooey gooey feels, but it was a fun read. And hey, it was free on kindle, so really, who am I to complain?
Apparently this is a series, but I don't think I'll follow up... or who knows, maybe I'll get a craving for a lighthearted love story again and find out what happens at Blair the bitch's wedding (btw I'm pretty sure I know who she ends up marrying... It's really not a stretch).