Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning I'm so glad this isn't actually the last book in the series. There are still too many open questions and holes that need to be filled! If it was the last book though, I think KMM did a fantastic job of closing the Sinsar Dubh's chapter (or is it?). She kept me guessing the whole damn time, and I didn't even try to speculate where the story was going, although I did know something was up with V'lane, and I had a suspicion that he wasn't what he said he was.
The relationship between Mac and Barrons culminates in this book, and although I don't particularly like Barrons or the way he thinks he's so superior (even though he kind of is), they just kind of work together, don't they? I was holding out a slim hope that Mac and Christian would hook up, but that was never going to happen. That also reminds me, KMM needs to do better by him and he better get some major prime time in the rest of the series!
This series is definitely joining the ranks of my favorites shelf.