Asking For It

Asking For It - Louise O'Neill They are all innocent until proven guilty. But not me. I am a liar until proven honest.

I don't even know where to start... Ok first things first. I enjoyed the writing style and it flowed so well that I was completely sucked into this book, finishing it in one sitting.

The characters... at first I didn't like Emma. I knew what was coming though, so I didn't know what that would mean once it happened... if it would affect my feelings...
And the worst part is, I found myself working hard not to respond to what was said in exactly the way the people in the book did... because we're taught not to "ask for it" as soon as we reach puberty. I was taught to cover up and not get too drunk etc... And I found myself agreeing with Emmie's thoughts about just not making a fuss about it... and that just makes me so fucking sad!
I just can't right now... I'm a little emotional so I need to just take some time to process this, but even if you've never been a victim before, maybe especially if you haven't, you need to read this... we need to talk about these issues...

"We shared these stories with one another and it was as if we were discussing some essential part of being a woman, like period cramps or contraceptives."