The Dog Stars

The Dog Stars - Peter Heller I'm sorry, but the writing style is just too much. It feels like the "superflu" that killed 99% (it's always 99% isn't it?) of the population also killed 99% of Hig's brain.
God, this was irritating me. There's no structure to his sentences and you have to struggle to figure out what's happening and what he's thinking about and what he's actually saying.
It was impossible for me to relate to the main character (or any character) or get into the flow of the story... because there was no flow. It was actually kind of jarring.
I'd like to know what happens and why there are so many 5 star ratings, because I need to believe that people rated this book on the story instead of the writing... so maybe the story is amazing. From what I've read so far though, which is admittedly not a lot, it's nothing new and I'm okay with not finishing this book.