Voyager  - Diana Gabaldon This book had soooo much going on, and it was so long that you could probably count it as three different books. Even so, the story remained interesting and full of action and adventure. There are certain things that you're left without an explanation, but it doesn't detract too much from the story, so it's easy enough to ignore. One of the main things that was eventually answered was Murtagh's fate (which was horrible and he deserved so much better than the paragraph she gave him), but I'd also like to know what happened to Mary Hawkins, Master Raymond, and other characters that she spent a lot of time in the previous book building. I think it's a bit silly to spend so much time building a character and then suddenly just never mentioning them again.
I also wasn't particularly fond of the way she dealt with Jack Randall's death. I think he deserved a better ending, even though I absolutely didn't like him. How can you just casually throw in that he's lying dead on top of Jamie after he wakes up in the middle of the battlefield? We want to know how he got to be there, who was the one to kill him? Was he maybe struck down protecting Jamie because he is still in love with him? That casual mention is just teasing us unnecessarily and creating a lot of questions!
One more thing that bothers me, is their age. They are now well into their forties, and yet they still act and do things as if they're 20. Most of the time you completely forget that they're middle aged with the feats of athleticism they are able to perform. In one way it's good though, it gives me hope that life won't end after 40 and you immediately become boring...
All-in-all it was good enough to keep me interested and entertained all the way through.