Born a Crime

Born a Crime - Trevor Noah As a South African myself, this book hits very close to home. Although I grew up poor as well, I'm a white person, and I've always had that privilege. It was fascinating and horrifying listening to how it was on the other side of the tracks, so to speak.
And through it all, Trevor's optimism and strength of character shines through. I've always liked him, but now I have even more respect for him. His love for his mother is so clear a blind person could see it, and I found myself loving her as well. I'm so happy she survived all that happened.
Trevor did am amazing job with writing this book and his audio narration was such a pleasure to listen to. I wish there was more though. I'd have loved to hear more about how his career got started... hopefully there will be another book then!
Funny enough, I actually got mugged for the first time in my life while listening to the chapter about crime and jail! I managed to keep my phone, but it's such a weird coincidence