Boy 21

Boy 21 - Matthew Quick I'm honestly not sure what to think of this book. It's my second Matthew Quick, and as the first was The Silver Linings Playbook, it was a tough act to follow... a recurring theme for me it seems. If this had been my first by the author... Well, I don't think I'd have tried again. As it is though, I'm inclined to give him another chance, as his writing is really not bad, and it's possible that this just wasn't the book for me. I've even had a couple of those from absolute favorite authors, so hey, you can't win them all!

Anyway, the story can't quite decide what is about. Is it about friendship? Basketball? How people deal with loss and trauma? Is it a love story? Is it a story about the Irish Mafia? Who knows?!

The characters all come off as either outright crazy (in boy21's case), or slow, dimwitted, and willfully ignorant. I just can't understand how nobody asks any friggen questions! I mean, Finley doesn't know how his grandfather, who has lived with him for years and who's soiled diapers he has to change, lost his legs. Are you serious right now? I call BS!!!

Even though I didn't love it, it was a really quick and easy read, and it was enjoyable enough. And hey, if you're a basketball fan, I might even recommend it for you!