Trapped in an 80s Teen Movie

Trapped in an 80s Teen Movie - Michelle Duffy This was a quick and really easy read. I try and be supportive of indie novels, but I'm really full of #$*@, so usually I end up not finishing it or not liking it at all. That wasn't the case with this book.
There was a lot that could be better, but the author can write well enough to get you going past anything that might put you off, which is a rare find by itself!
I did feel like it was very rushed, and it could definitely use some fleshing out. The book was short enough that I think she could have taken some more time to add backstory, explain more... just not rush as much!
The pov also jumped between the main characters so often and inconsistently in a chapter that it was difficult figuring out whose pov you were actually reading at any time.
I found the characters to be a pretty unbelievable, and Rosanna was really irritating me, but the story was good enough to get me through that.
And the story though... it was cliche'd and overly dramatic and ridiculous, but somehow it worked for me. It really was like watching a 80's teen movie!
I'll definitely look for more from this author.