Coffee at Little Angels

Coffee at Little Angels - Nadine Rose Larter I can't quite make up my mind about this book. The writing is great, although you can tell that it's a first novel and I'm pretty sure anything else from this author will just get better and better. Nadine has a way with words that clearly conveys how much she loves them, and she's not afraid to use them to paint a picture that you can clearly see in your head.

In a lot of ways this book really resonated with me, because I might as well have been one of the characters (as long as it wasn't Melanie, I can't stand that bitch). I was quite nostalgic for a lot of it, because I too come from a tiny dorpie in South Africa with the same narrow-minded yet oddly endearing people. I also moved away and lost touch with friends I was sure I would never forget. It's good that people change, but it's also sad to lose your friends while doing so.

Having said that, I can't believe these people were really friends. They all seem to hate each other with maybe the exception of Max and Grant, and they seemed to do fine on their own. I know the whole story is supposed to be about lost friendships and how people change and grow apart, but I just didn't buy that these people were really that good friends to start with. I think maybe some flashbacks to good times could have helped with that, but in this case the author decided to focus on the present with each character only perfunctorily thinking back and remembering their friendship... and none of them are really good memories!

So even though I didn't like the characters, I did enjoy the book, and I look forward to more from Nadine.