Fellside - M.R. Carey I really shouldn't have too high expectations of authors when I've loved something by them before... Even so, this book was really good, just not really something that I ever would have read.
I started reading blind, without even bothering to read the description, because I absolutely loved The Girl With all the Gifts. I was lost for a good long time, not able to figure out what the hell was going on, just knowing that it was completely different than what I expected... but not bad, so I kept reading.
A lot of the things that happened in this book didn't make sense, and the procedures followed etc I'm sure is not correct... but hey, there's something called creative licence so I try not to get too stuck up on it.
One thing that did bug me is all the characters. There were just too many of them! Carey also took the time to flesh out some characters, going into their backstory and psychology, just to kinda leave them behind... only mentioned again in passing.
Basically, the beginning of the book had me lost, the middle had me reading just because I was already invested and wanted to see where it would go, the climax was exciting but insane and nonsensical, and the ending was kind of disappointing... but also not really...
M.R. Carey really knows how to write though and at the end of the day, this was fantasy, so even though it's nonsensical and definitely not something I'd usually read or that I'd ever read again, I'm still rating it 4 stars.