The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir, R.C. Bray I started listening to the audiobook earlier today and finished just now. It's 3:25am.
First off, let me just say I HATE tech talk, and this book is about 2/3 tech talk... Yet it's done in such a way that it kept me interested and hooked on the story!
Mark is very resourceful and funny, although I wonder if anyone would really have held up so well in the same circumstances... Not seeing anybody for more than a year, bland food everyday and minimal entertainment... Let's just say I find it amazing that he didn't lose it...
There was a couple of times where I got really nervous for him, and often I wondered whether this would be one of those books where the main character died... Honestly, it kept me wondering right to the end... Poor Mark ha a lot of shit to deal with!
I thought the characters were well rounded and relatable, even though all of them are much smarter than me and on a MUCH higher paygrade! The voice artist was amazing and I'm pretty sure he was most of the reason the characters were so interesting.
All in all a VERY good read/listen... Now I need to get some sleep!