Brandon Sanderson's White Sand Volume 1

Brandon Sanderson's White Sand Volume 1 - Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin This is the first time I got a Graphic Novel from Netgalley, so I don't know if it's normal that the quality of the art is this horrible or if it's just this particular novel. Honestly, the art was so blurry that I had to completely ignored it for most of the book and I just read the story, which was pretty decent and I'd be interested to read the next installment just on the strength of that alone.
This was my very first Brandon Sanderson, and I must say that I quite enjoy the story and the style, although there's a lot of explanation which I'm not used to in a graphic novel, but which in this case was welcome.
The story of the sand mastrells and Kenton's part in it is very intriguing and I really want to find out what happens in the future, although I'm not crazy that he's suddenly so good at sand mastery without any explanation (other than a half assed guess that his father did some bequeathing hoodoo).
There were also other story branches - The Duchess from Darkside looking for closure and Ais the Trackt (which I'm assuming is some kind of mercenary) - that didn't really interest me as much as that of the sand masters and the diem, but which I assume is vital to the story and everything will come together in the end.
I'd say it's a decent start to a series and if it wasn't for the bad art I'd probably have rated it much better.