Lovecraft's Monsters

Lovecraft's Monsters - Neil Gaiman Only the End of the World Again - [a:Neil Gaiman|1221698|Neil Gaiman|] (3 Stars)
Not sure really if this is a Hmmm or a Meh... possibly it was a little too short to really be either, but it was okay to keep me occupied for a while. It's actually the kind of tidbit that would make me want to read more...

Bulldozer - [a:Laird Barron|466494|Laird Barron|] (1 Star)

Blah blah blah... I was halfway through this before realising that I had no idea what was going on and I really didn't care. It seems stupid to skip a short story, but that's exactly what I did.

Red Goat Black Goat - [a:Nadia Bulkin|4723236|Nadia Bulkin|] (5 Stars)

As far as scary short stories go, this one ticked all the boxes! I'm still grossed out!

The Same Deep Waters as You - [a:Brian Hodge|167606|Brian Hodge|] (5 Stars)

Wow, this one had me prolonging my break times to delay putting it down! The writing was amazing and really draws you into the story, and the plot kept me thinking about it even when I wasn't reading. So freaking creepy! My favorite so far. Note to self: Check out more by [a:Brian Hodge|167606|Brian Hodge|]

A Quarter to Three - [a:Kim Newman|18879|Kim Newman|] ...

This one was so short that I'm not even going to rate it. Kind of like a creepy blip...

The Dappled Thing - [a:William Browning Spencer|307629|William Browning Spencer|] (3 Stars)

Didn't really enjoy this one... very hoity toity language use and no real tension or action. Basically an old school army dude trekked through the jungle in a futuristic machine looking for a woman who had gone missing... then there was maybe a page where the "monster" comes in and done.